The #1 Thing You Must Do To Prevent Roof Leaks and Interior Damage

At Alabama Discount Roofing, we ensure that all of the PVC pipes on your roof that have boots, and around the chimney(s), are sealed at the time of the new roof installation.

We use a very high quality sealant to prevent water from leaking in around those holes in your roof. However, please know that those seals do not last forever. Over time, with exposure to the sun, wind, rain, and cold, the sealant naturally breaks down. Especially now in view of the very high wind and heavy rains we have had in the last few months.

We highly recommend re-sealing around all of the roof protrusions at least every 30 months. If this is not a task that you can do yourself, we are happy to help.

Our regular maintenance service includes:

  • Re-sealing around all of the vent boots on your roof

  • Re-sealing around chimneys

  • Thoroughly blowing out the gutters

For our existing customers, we charge only $225.00 for this service.

If you have not already attended to this important maintenance task then it is long overdue. Please do not wait until you see water spots on your ceilings! The cost of interior repairs can be extremely expensive. Please do not put off taking care of this very important roof maintenance.

If you have not already taken care of this task then please call or email us today to be placed on our roof maintenance schedule.

Thank you! Best wishes from the ADR team.


Marc Mendelson

Owner, Alabama Discount Roofing

(205) 821-7247