Very happy with my roof!  I used Alabama Discount Roofing. They did a great job and I am very happy with my roof.
I am ecstatic with my new roof. The representative, Marc, was friendly, knowledgeable, and trustworthy. He went above and beyond to find a roofing product to fit my budget. The quality of the crew was dependable, efficient, and thorough. My experience with Marc and Alabama Discount Roofing was top notch. Thanks for a job well done!!!
Marc, the claims specialist, and Alabama Discount Roofing was a delight to work with–very pleasant person, and he just loved our pets so much I wondered when he was going to stop talking to them and get down to business. Anyway, this was about getting a new roof because of storm damage, and we did, and it only cost me the deductable of my insurance.

It was quite a surprise that all this happened so easily. We had a storm in the area May 19, which frankly I had forgotten about. There was damage to our roof that I never knew, because I’m never up there and we hadn’t had any leaks, but our insurance company agreed and agreed to give us a new roof. According to Marc, 90% of the homes in this area that have the roof inspection actually get their insurance company to give them a new roof, and they only have to pay the deductable. That was all it cost, and we’re good to go!

Initially I was very skeptical and not real happy about having to spend money on a new roof. With that said, Marc was very professional and did everything he said he would do when he said he would do it. I would recommend Alabama Discount Roofing to anyone.
I chose Alabama Discount Roofing and they did a great job. My neighbors are ecstatic about it, I am thrilled about it and will certainly tell all of my neighbors and friends.