Soffit Installations

What Is Soffit

Found underneath the eaves of your roof, between the siding of a house and the fascia, is the soffit.  It controls moisture, temperatures and provides ventilation for your attic providing a controlled barrier for the rest of your home.  Soffits also protect your home from storms, preventing water from being blown into the area connecting your house’s siding and roof. Contact Alabama Discount Roofing today regarding Birmingham soffit installations.

When Do I Need New Alabama Soffit?

Damage to soffit vents and knowing when installing a soffit is needed isn’t always easy to detect, which is why our team inspects soffits as part of every Birmingham roof inspection we undertake.  Some signs you can look for include:

  • Extreme temperatures in your attic
  • Discoloration, missing paint, or visible rust
  • Water or water damage in your attic
Alabama Soffit Installation

The Expertly Trained Soffit Installation & Repair Team in Birmingham

Our team is trained to offer the complete professional Birmingham roofing and roof repair package including soffit. Soffit is a critical part of your roof, and when properly maintained it adds to the quality of your structure.  Don’t hesitate to contact our team if your soffit is showing signs of wear and tear; our experts will provide you with the professional opinion that you need to make an educated decision on whether to rebuild or repair your soffit.

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