What Is Decking?

Modern roofs are more than just shingles nailed into a wooden frame, there are layers of material that protect your Birmingham home from water leakage, fire damage, and other debris.  Decking is an insulated layer on your roof, underneath the shingles, that is designed to tie together the structure and the different layers of your roof to prevent water leakage. Re-decking is necessary as decking it is absolutely critical for keeping the inside of your home safe and dry.

When To Consider Re-Decking

Decking, like all roofing materials, wears down and rots over years or even decades.  If there is damage to your Birmingham roof, or water is pooling in one area, the decking can begin to rot, re-decking is the next step to properly maintaining your residential roof.  Once decking begins to rot it can create weak points in the insulation of your roof, and in some cases the decking can be destroyed or rotted out completely leaving no support for the other layers of your roof.  When decking begins to rot, or is damaged and no longer able to complete its function, it’s time to consider re-decking.

Alabama Roof Decking
Alabama Roof Re-Decking

Signs That Your Roof May Need Re-Decking

  • Water spots or damage on your ceiling
  • Sagging sections on your roof
  • Roofing materials hanging off, or visibly missing

We Inspect Decking On Every Birmingham Job

There’s no need for you to go up on your Birmingham roof to inspect the decking yourself! We are happy to inspect your roof for any damage to your shingles or decking. Alabama Discount Roofing also inspects the decking of your home on every job, from small repair work to complete re-shingling and re-decking jobs.  If you suspect that your Alabama roof is damaged, don’t hesitate to contact us; water can cause severe damage to your home if left unattended.

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