Fascia Installation & Repair

What Does The Fascia Do?

The fascia is a wood or aluminum component of your Birmingham roof that connects the soffit, shingles, and gutters. It’s a critical part of every roof that enables proper drainage, protects your Alabama home from wind, and holds different layers together.

Why Is The Fascia Important?

The fascia is important for a number of reasons, and if damaged could lead to a number of problems for your Birmingham roof, home and wallet. The fascia’s primary purpose is to keep wind and outside elements from entering your home, if it is damaged or boards are warped, water and wind can easily enter your home and cause damage.

Damaged fascia can also cause problems for your gutters, as they are attached directly to your fascia. Damaged or worn fascia can cause water to drain improperly.  If left unattended this could cause further damage to your Alabama roof, siding, and cause leaks into your home.


How Can I Tell If My Alabama Fascia Has Been Damaged?

Damage to your fascia will become apparent quickly, some signs that your fascia needs repair or replacement are:

  • Visible warping or major cracks
  • Water dripping off the roof, missing the gutters completely
  • Missing boards or hanging gutters

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If your boards are warped, visibly damaged, or your gutters are hanging away from your roof, call our team. Alabama Discount Roofing, LLC has the experienced roofing installation teams that will repair or replace the damaged boards as necessary.

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