Other Services

Alabama Fascia Repair

Fascia Repair

We have the expertise to repair or replace your house’s fascia. Whether the boards are warped, or broken from a storm, we have the equipment and the expertise.

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Alabama Re-Decking


Our team offers complete re-decking services, and include a complete decking inspection with every single roof we repair or install.

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Beyond roofing, Alabama Discount Roofing is able to install or repair siding on your home. We are the experts at keeping the weather out of your house.

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Alabama Soffit Installation

Soffit Installations

We repair and install soffit on top of our roofing services. Make your home more energy efficient, and save money with our properly ventilated soffit.

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Alabama Roof Ventilation


We are the experts at installing roofing ventilation and even custom venting solutions to keep your home properly ventilated.

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Alabama Storm Damage Roof

Storm Damage Repair

Birmingham is no stranger to strong storms, storms that can damage your roof. We offer roofing repair services for just those emergencies.

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