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The #1 Thing You Must Do To Prevent Roof Leaks and Interior Damage

At Alabama Discount Roofing, we ensure that all of the PVC pipes on your roof that have boots, and around the chimney(s), are sealed at the time of the new roof installation. We use a very high quality sealant to prevent water from leaking in...

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10 Questions to Ask a Prospective Roofer (Before Hiring Them!)

  We know how this goes — all too well. :) You’re sitting on your sofa watching a late-night movie when all of the sudden you feel the drip drip drip on your head. Your chest fills with dread. You know what’s wrong. The...

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COVID-19 Safety Protocol: Our Commitment to You

We know these are challenging and trying times, but we know that there are some things that you simply need help with NOW (such as a roof replacement). We are here to help. Fortunately, under current guidelines, we are considered an essential...

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